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We Are Two Pencils

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Our trusted toolkit

Icon game design

Game Design

Icon level design

Level Design

Icon software engineerig

Software Engineering

Icon concept art

Concept Art

Icon writing and narrative design


Narrative Design

Icon 3D asset creation

3D Asset Creation

Icon technical art

Technical Art

Icon compsition and sound design

Composition/ Sound Design

We craft games with fascinating worlds and thrilling stories

We excel in the way our skills complement each other, allowing us to cover a wide range of professions while keeping focus on what’s most important: a captivating experience.



Dev/ Artist

Fabian is a developer and an artist, both caught in the same body! This led him to create several games all on his own while working as a software dev, as well as launching Robotraps with his previous VR games company.

Are you interested in working with us?

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